Sense and Nonsensibility


24 August 1984
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Where to begin? I attend the University of Florida, majoring in Anthropology with minors in English and Asian Studies. I take dance lessons(tap, jazz and now ballet) as well as voice lessons. I tend to be somewhat perfectionist about my performance in both academia and the arts, though I often fall short of my own expectations. Sadly, choreography still eludes me, no matter how far I've chased it. Um, I suppose I'm pretty much a bookworm. I'll just as soon curl up with a well-written and interesting textbook as I will with Harry Potter or Dorian Gray. Teach me something new about linguistics, religion history or some odd little facet of just about any culture and I'll love you for at least a full day.
I sort of collect teas, although that's never really been my intention. At the moment, my favorites are Irish Breakfast and Prince of Wales.
I've just started to test the waters of fictional writing so lurker and potential friends beware, Here be Writer's Angst. Still, for all my whining and complaining, it has, so far, been quite enjoyable.
I'm sure there's plenty more that I could come up with, but I think that will pretty much do for now.